5300 University Hills Blvd.

This is Homeward Bound's new home.

You'll find us near the University of North Texas at Dallas.

We're also near Loop 12.


Since our founding in 1980, Homeward Bound, Inc., has helped more than 100,000 people overcome drug and alcohol addiction. We offer complete substance abuse treatment, comprehensive residential, and outpatient programs.

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Dear Homeward Bound Friends,


Jesus brought the dead back to life and promised others could do the same. You proved him right.


We’ve all seen them on the streets, eyes vacant, heads drooping, sunk into a pile of rags on the sidewalk. People feel good if they give them a dollar. But when you give to Homeward Bound Inc. you do so much more. You get them off the sidewalk, into real life again. You bring the walking dead back to life.


When I first started volunteering at Homeward Bound, I’d ask for help and people would say, “Check with Sam.” Finally I asked, “Who is this Sam guy?” That got a laugh. “Little Samantha,” was the answer. Oh yeah. I’d seen that quiet girl with long dark hair, the big eyed one with the soft voice. She looked maybe 19.


When our Oak Cliff building was overtaken by development last year, we couldn’t afford to hire movers. Our staff and friends moved the whole two‐story hospital, all 100 beds of it in U‐hauls and borrowed pickup trucks. Little Samantha hauled her share. Some of you were out there with her. Thank you.


The new building was a mess. We needed paint, sheet rock, tile, toilets. Samantha cold‐called hardware stores begging for donations. She visited store managers. She sent out emails. She went on TV.


It was hard for shy Little Samantha. But she did it. So did some of you. Thank you.

After being closed for over four months, we’re back. Thanks to your generosity, we’re once again bringing the newest and best treatments to people who need it most.


As you consider how to celebrate the season, consider helping bring the dead back to life. Together we can do it.


Happy holidays,


Christine Wicker, chair of the Homeward Bound advisory committee


P.S. And Little Samantha? She used to be a heroin addict. Now she is a Peer Recovery Coach at Homeward Bound. She used to walk amongst the dead and now she helps bring them back to life. Thanks to the compassion of people like you!




Every dollar you give goes to helping people who desperately want life free of drugs and alcohol. They come to us wearing rags. Owning nothing else.

Please give whatever you can.


$10 buys a package of five socks

$15 buys a package of underwear

$20 buys a warm hat and gloves

$50 buys toothbrushes for 50 clients

$100 buys 30 meals

$150 pays for a day of residential treatment

$500 pays for a month of bus passes

 for outpatient treatment,

 medical appointments

 and access to housing assistance


Every dollar makes a difference.


Thank you!

Homeward Bound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to substance abuse treatment for men and women of every income level.


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